Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Poetry to the Eye"

On our vacation to Jerome, I had the chance to visit the largest kaleidoscope shop in the world, Nellie Bly !
It was positively packed with kaleidoscopes!
   Each one had its own ever changing picture, all beautiful. 
This picture shows my brothers and me as we each view a separate circle of beauty.

These are some of the many "poems to the eye" we viewed. 

Did you know : 
     The first kaleidoscope was created by David Brewster in 1816.  It was later commented,  "In the memory of man, no invention . . . ever produced such an effect."  
     In Japan, kaleidoscopes are thought to be a tool to unlock dreams.

     More than 90  kaleidoscopes artists are represented at Nellie Bly.
Griggs, one of the artists, estimates that she has spent more on her kaleidoscope collection then she did on her first house.
 Thank you for your notice, Cameron.


  1. This was such an amazing shop to visit! Who knew how much wonder could be inside one little downtown shop in an old ghost town, huh?! I really enjoyed this part of our vacation with my 3 BOYS!! Love you Cameron, and love reading your blog.

  2. I was amazed at all the different kaleidoscopes! Which one was your favorite?

  3. I enjoy your blog very much and anticipate what you will post about next. I bet it was so fun seeing all the circles of beauty!

  4. What a perfect title to your post, "Poetry to The Eye." I love it! I really like the words you choose to express your thoughts.

  5. Hi Cameron
    I'm sorry I have not been to your blog in awhile. This post is really interesting. I love kaleidoscopes! Ever since I was a child, they have fascinated me. And today, I learned a lot about them...thanks to your blog. My neighbor makes them. She learned in a class for stained glass. Her's are beautiful...almost a wonderful as those in your photograph.
    Keep writing...

  6. I really like this quote about kaleidoscopes: "In the memory of man, no invention . . . ever produced such an effect." 
    I also like learning something new everyday, and today you taught me something. Something else that I really like was your title ! I guess you might say that I like everything about your blog writing and look forward to your next post.