Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Fort

My brother Dakotah loves forts and has many hours dedicated to them.  This post is about his favorite one.It used to be an old dog kennel until my brother got creative.

  For the purpose of relaxation Dakotah found some old wire and spare carpet,
which he he used to make a hammock.

Dakotah made the rope for a reason, reader, that I am keeping enclosed until further modifications are completed.  (:
Right now it is used for climbing up and down the tree.

Thank you for your notice.  Cameron


  1. Cameron, I am SO happy that you started a blog! Your writing style is always so captivating to me and it excites me to see your WORDS. :) This will be a fun hobby, I'm sure.

    And you're right about Dakotah, he loves forts! You chose a great fort to share.

  2. Awesome fort! I am anxious to see that Kotah has planned for the rope connected to the tree.

    Oh, and I think it's way cool that you started a blog, Cameron. I'm looking forward to reading all of your posts.

  3. I love Dakotah's fort!

    My three boys used to make forts, too.,,both inside and outside. One of our favorites was made with three really long poles, newspaper, and tape. It was their version of a teepee. Would you believe that that particular fort lasted for days before the paper tore??? The three posts were held together with rope...knotted by my eldest. He was a whiz at tying knots. That's a skill that he still uses...and he's older than your mom!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. Cameron . . . I need to 'get out' more often. At least I need to blog-surf more often. When I visited your mom's blog, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that you had one of your own. Wow ! When I was a kid, I loved forts. Actually, I still love forts. My forts were mostly made from sofa cushions and blankets. and kitchen chairs. But they offered a private place for my imagination to run wild.