Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Fort's Rope

 When I posted The Fort on my blog, I left it hanging with a mystery,what was the rope for?
I believe this post will answer .

My brother moved the fort's entire location and reattached the rope between two trees.  Next he found  an old chair of ours.  By popping a hole in the chair, he managed to string the rope (which he untied and retied) through.  Qua La!  A zip line!

Dakotah about to try his contraption.  The chair is a little unstable.

He is in his homemade hammock to celebrate after a few more wild rides.
(I personally prefer the hammock myself.)

Thank you for your notice, Cameron.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Math and Science made Fun

Math and science have never been my most favorite classes.  Though some of those classes I do enjoy, I prefer other ways of  entertainment.  That is, unless it's going to the Math and Science Center . I always find the experiments extremely enjoyable and I learn a few things as well.
These pictures are from our latest trip.

 By tilting a spinning bike wheel, Titus becomes part of a gyroscope.

My grandma experimenting with bubbles?

Right here I am controlling a mechanical arm.


 Our friend Jacob and I are seeing the odds of where most of the balls land.

I had a ton of fun at the Math and Science Center.  I also picked up a few scientific and mathematical facts.

Thank you for your notice, Cameron.

Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Make a Snow Garden

Awhile ago I was visiting my neighbors, the Turners.  I was invited to participate in making a snow garden.

Overnight my project changed, and by the third night Titus' snow garden had overgrown onto a napkin holder.
I like day three's look the best.  The snow garden looked like soft moss.

On day four, it looked like coral.  The color was bright and complete.  The entire bottom of the bowl has moss on it.

There should also be white showing by now.

 Four days later and it will be time to regrow your snow garden.
How to Make a Snow Garden
Step 1, place some coal or ammonia rocks (washed and dried) into a glass bowl .  (The coal is the soil, and should mostly fill a small glass bowl.)

Step 2, add drops of food coloring over the coal.

Step 3, sprinkle table salt completely over the coal.

Step 4, add 4 Tbs of water and 4Tbs of bluing.

Step 5, wait and watch, for you're done!
Thank you for your notice,Cameron