Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Math and Science made Fun

Math and science have never been my most favorite classes.  Though some of those classes I do enjoy, I prefer other ways of  entertainment.  That is, unless it's going to the Math and Science Center . I always find the experiments extremely enjoyable and I learn a few things as well.
These pictures are from our latest trip.

 By tilting a spinning bike wheel, Titus becomes part of a gyroscope.

My grandma experimenting with bubbles?

Right here I am controlling a mechanical arm.


 Our friend Jacob and I are seeing the odds of where most of the balls land.

I had a ton of fun at the Math and Science Center.  I also picked up a few scientific and mathematical facts.

Thank you for your notice, Cameron.


  1. I think it's funny when you say that math and science aren't your favorites, because you're so good at both subjects! I've never liked math BUT I'm not good at it, bleh. ;)

    I'm glad you posted about this summer stop! It's a fun place to go.

  2. My Middle Granddaughter loves Math and Science. She is quite good at them. She is going into fifth grade this year (their first day of school was actually today)!

    I know she'd love to go see what the Math and Science center is all about...but I think you are kind of far from where we live!

    Have fun with your blog!

  3. I want to go to the math and science center. It looks fun and educational. I would also love to hear more about the mathematical and scientific facts that you learned.

  4. The Math and Science Center look like so much fun! What a wonderful place to spend a summer's day! Maybe if you can talk your parents into visiting my area, you can visit's the coolest science center I have ever the Univ. of South FL in Tampa.

    Math and science were not always my favorite subjects, either. And I was really good at both! But the day I discovered how to use a became one of my favorite subjects (that did not happen until I was in college!).


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  6. Math and science were never my favorite subjects, but my guess is that you are good at both ! I plan to take my grandkids to the center the next time they are in town. I am especially impressed that on your third blog post you included a link. I had been blogging 2 months before I figured out how to do that. Good job !